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Who We Are

Trishul is a forty year experienced financial and development enterprise with investment and trade operations stretching from India, to Dubai, to East Africa, through the United Kingdom, to the Americas.


Led by its director and founder, Dhanji Lalji Rabadia, Trishul is advancing to the forefront of the international capital market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance our internal culture, and maintain Trishul's reputation as a financial leader, an employer of choice, and an active community member. We aspire to be the most respected capital investment firm, renowned for:



Unsurpassed Value

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Our values are honesty, integrity, respect and passion. These are the principles that guide us to success:














For large or unique projects, Trishul’s Capital Funding Program is a fast and efficient way to finance large-scale developments secured with a minimum 20% capital guarantee of CAPEX.

Private Equity

The combination of our international outlook and experience, as well as deep specific knowledge, gives us the insights and capabilities necessary to identify and partner with ambitious market-leading businesses looking to grow across borders.


Fund Management

From long-term to medium and short-term investments, Trishul provides its partners and clients management of their capital with transparency and support. Investments range from project development to secure bank-to-bank transactions.

Project Management

With more than 40 years experience in project development and construction, Trishul can manage your venture from beginning to end with a commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.

Bank-to-Bank Investments

Through our deep industry relationships, we offer private investment opportunities to qualified investors providing secure transactions with above average returns.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Trishul has the right industry partners in financing, international banking, project development and business management to support the growth of our clients vision and objectives. 

Years of Experience

Beginning more than 40 years in project management, Trishul has expanded its ability to support its clients beyond development to capital investment. Being a builder first gives us a clear edge for planning and management. Though we are motivated by a fair return on our investment, we are primarily interested in win-win relationships with partners who share our core values.

In-House Research Teams

Our firm's success can be attributed to the individuals that create it. For 40 years now, we have sought out only the most dedicated and talented individuals to be a part of our team. This tenet of our company has been central to our strong relationships with clients and partners. 


Clients & Partners



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